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  1. My plan is to continue to register and study until we are allowed to test. I was about 250hrs deep when they canceled the April 2020 exam. I registered for the Fall the day registration opened. I hope they do not cancel this time, but I am looking at it as reps. I will be happy if I get another 250+ this time. Fingers crossed and good luck to those taking it in the fall.
  2. Just registered! Hope everything goes to plan. Same here I plan to start studying again on Sunday the 14th. Good luck!!!
  3. interesting! does this mean that they will have two different breadth exams? or do they actually hope that everyone will be honest? really makes no difference for me, I will study hard all the same. At any rate I hope we do not have to cancel in October as well.
  4. Same and felt so ready too. Oh well, I have time to do it all over and better.
  5. I think I can fit all the binders and books in a carry-on luggage, or at least the most important stuff. I should be able to lift a heavy bag onto the overhead compartment. Currently live in MN for the wife's job. We will move back home, NE Florida, at the end of the summer. Must fly to Orlando to take the exam. Cannot wait to tee it off on Saturday am!! We are active members of this website....there is no hiding our nerd!!! Vivan los nerds!!!
  6. I have to travel by plane to take the PE this April, and would like to know what others who have traveled did (or wish they didn't do). My biggest concern is taking that much paper and how heavy it will be. Did you check a bag with the books/references? I am scared of the airline loosing that case and then I will be SOL. Did you carry the reference materials? if so, can you give me some tips and tricks please. How is TSA with a carry-on suitcase full of paper? Thanks in advance for the input.
  7. Yes EET is the one for me!!! kmum and Sebastian are very similar to my situation. 16 yrs since I graduated with my BSCE, did a few years of Engineering before I taught Math in HS and have been back in Engineering the last 3 years. A little scared pulling that trigger with the On-Demand EET depth soon so I can start early. Good luck all!!! 🤞
  8. pppffff I am so lost rn....I have already started to do problems and I am finalizing my plan for WRE April 2020. Breadth: I will tackle this one alone with the CERM 15th edition I bought in 2018. Plan to create 1 binder with practice problems tabbed by NCEES Specs (I think). I plan to do as many breadth test as possible hopefully 6/7, slow at first and start picking up the pace as I get closer to March/April. I just finished a 20 question test I found the pdf link on this platform and I have some serious work to do on structures, geotech and wastewater plants. I have 4 other 40 q breadth
  9. Good post. No classes? I am considering taking a class for the afternoon WRE session. Whacha (anyone) think?
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