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  1. Thanks for clarification.. to avoid confusion I would recommend to mention in the equation Vmax instead of Vline.
  2. Hi, I have noticed one comment in the reference book page# 65, I would like to share it with you before we escalate it to NCEES. The equation to find the capacitance is C=Q/pi*f*(Square V) but if you start analysing the equation from reactive power you will get: Q= (Square V)/Xc where Xc=1/2*pi*f*C then C=Q/2*pi*f*(Square V) So, as shown number 2 is missing in the denominator of the equation which mentioned in the handbook. Is my analysis above correct?
  3. Thanks Zach, I really appreciate your efforts to teach engineers how to pass PE exam. Your sessions are very useful not only to pass the exam but also when we deal with electrical equipment in the field. Good luck!
  4. Yeah, I can't imagine how big the reference book will be... Hopefully they can publish it early next month. Meanwhile, I will continue studying from the references I have in addition to the above references which you just shared. appreciate your help and guidance for those references. Wish you all the best in your exam..
  5. Hello, As most of you aware that the PE Power Exam will be in form of CBT starting from Jan 2021. Due to that transition, no external reference will be allowed during the test and only NCEES reference book, which will be published officially by NCEES coming July, can be used. From this moment till exam date and from your point of expertise, what is the best way to prepare for the test since those references which I bought recently such as Power Reference Manual and Graffeo's reference book can't be used during the exam. There are too many topics covered in the exam and it is good to sta
  6. Hi Gents, I need your help to get the following references for PE Power Exam. I tried to look for them in many libraries in the KSA but unfortunately I couldn't find them. I can negotiate with the people who have these books on the price. Complex Imaginary 1,2,3,4 Power System Analysis Book Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems by Theodore Wildi Fundamentals of Power System Protection Thanks,'
  7. I need some of them (#1,#5,#6,#10,#11&#12), please confirm whether they are available on not. Thanks
  8. I need them, do you still have these books?
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