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  1. I see. Good luck and keep pushing through! You'll make it happen!
  2. This doesn't mean you were one question off does it? From what I've heard you could be 5-6 questions away from passing and still get a 69.
  3. I created a post on what helped me pass, and would recommend Zach's course over Testmasters. I only did his free trial, but if I had to do it again it'd be with his course.
  4. I felt like this was a very difficult exam, and looking at the pass rates that feeling is justified. This was my first time taking, and I passed, but I thought since I've been lurking through the forums for the past couple of days, I should share what I did to try to help some people that didn't make it this time. I encourage others that passed to include what they did here too. FYI, this is 100% my opinion and what I did to pass. It is not the only way to pass the exam. Graffeo - This book is literally an amazing resource without all of the technical "fluff". I think its ~$100 for t
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