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  1. Well actually - I just got notified as well! Congrats!
  2. Yes, double checking the email is a good idea. I called the board and made sure they had my correct email address. Even though they still have the correct email address, I did not receive an email staying my application was being sent to technical review. It's been in technical review since early November, information I found out just before Christmas by calling the board and asking questions.
  3. Yeah, I sent mine in back mid September. Check cashed 9/30/2019. Called the board mid December and they said my application was with the technical review. Haven’t received any emails from the board.
  4. Yeah, seems to vary. I am still waiting. Called the board and its under technical review. Evaluator said it has been under review for just a little over a month.
  5. Hey Guys! I submitted my PE application back in September of this year. Mailed application: 9/16/19 Board Received application: 9/18/19 Check Cashed: 9/30/19 I haven't received any emails from the board. I called the board once. They told me I was going to receive a response by the end of the week (11/22/19). I have emailed the respective PE application evaluator for an update with no response. I understand with the holidays now, things could get delayed more. My biggest reasons for wanting some kind of email status update is because my email address often gets miss-typed
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