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  1. I live here in Pittsburgh and with spikes generating bans on gatherings, closures of various businesses, and this stuff happening with little notice, I am skipping the October 2020 Civil Structural Exam. Yeah, I failed in October 2019 and was all wound up, working on problems, and studying more materials full steam ahead when April 2020 was cancelled. I am not going to risk studying through the Summer when my kids are stuck at home and then back to school where we are teaching them at home 3 days a week. No, it's not lost study time should it be canceled (partially lost though) but it's l
  2. What i mean by 20 hours was review of material you already covered. Lets say you stop studying today and dont pick it up again for 4 months. 20 hours (could be more, I dont know you) would allow you to review what youve covered, and get back into the swing of it. The time youve spent hasnt been lost, it's not gone, they didnt wipe your brain. It sucks, and you have a right to be upset, but to say they could have done XYZ instead is over reaching. I am very certain they did not make this decision lightly.
  3. While it sucks to be out 6 months of elevated salary and maybe 20 hours of studying because of the break & reviewing the material, this really was the right course of action. Schools and daycares are closing, peoples jobs are thrown into disarray, trying to work remote, the outright ban of mass gatherings, etc. It's chaos right now and this is or the best.
  4. I failed this past October. No, no it doesnt. To each their own though.........
  5. They just canceled the April exams!
  6. We are twins lol. Well this weekend I am sure to have many a glass and will certainly toast to our success in April! I am not sure what I will be drinking, it may be Wild Turkey 101, it may be something else, I will find out when I stop at the store on the way home lol. When I look around my office, I am the odd man out already. I'm not a Penn State grad, I started life here as a draftsman with a CAD degree and went back to college part time, to a school better known for producing ballerinas than engineers. Still accredited of course though. I am staring down the barrel of 40 years old w
  7. There are quite a few of us Structurals that hit the mid 40's and from the diagnostics I've seen, we are all very similar. I guess the exam just did not hit the topics we studied or were familiar with. I know I definitely walked out of there thinking "well that looked nothing like anything I had seen before". Yes there were some familiars but others were "WTF is this nonsense?". So there is some pattern there I guess, or maybe I'm reaching and trying to make sense of noise. I feel exactly the same way about wishing I could remember more of the problems but I also feel like that may be fo
  8. Pennsylvania - 46/80 (24 AM/22 PM) - 1st attempt - All self study using CERM, 1 practice exam, code reviews, some Six Minute Solutions. Probably around 100 hours total study time but a lot of crunch in the final two weeks and a lot of that time after 9 PM because life. Feeling pretty dumb about portions of my diagnostic. I know I flat out had to guess on probably 6 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon (last 5 minutes of each portion). I'm torn. on one hand I feel like I'm close and some sharpening will have me passing. On the other, I feel that if & when the exam is different in Apr
  9. I failed with a 46 out of 80 and my diagnostic is nearly identical to yours.
  10. PA results are in. Civil Structural and I failed. First time taking it and I don't think I have it in me to try again.
  11. I came on here just to say that other members here need to understand that “8 to 10 weeks” is not an acceptable delivery/deadline/submittal date to most people working in their respective fields. Furthermore, it’s wrong to flippantly state that those members are not acting “professionally” when they are actually working professionally and are used to being held to a high standard of communication & punctuality. In their field, in their day to day career and mine to be honest, the conversation should not go like this and certainly doesn’t go like this : Client: So when are you going to
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