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  1. Yes, I’m aware, but for some it makes it worse. For me it’s not, so I’d appreciate those responses be reserved for other feeds. Thanks!
  2. Everyone handles anxiety differently, and one way is to seek answers. I don’t think it’s a personal attack. Just want people to be aware that those types of responses are not helpful to some of us.
  3. Thank you for clarifying. I didn’t see the reactions. Some of y’all are so ugly. People suffer from anxiety disorders. There are so many people posting false stuff to get people worked up. Instead of trying to help each other out, theres just a bunch of sarcasm and ridicule.
  4. I read it on one of the other threads on here yesterday, and have been worried since. I made an account to see if anyone could verify. I had to go hunt for where I read it. I’m new here. No need to be rude. We are all anxious to find out what’s going on.
  5. Is there anyone that can verify what I read?...there was a breach before the exam, some sitting for the exam had the answers and now we may all need to retake??? Thank you in advance!
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