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  1. Getting better at leather working. Made a leather face mask with a pocket for filter material.
  2. I know someone who is a hospital infection preventionist. The CDC is the best place to get information according to them. It's getting bad. People are taking all of the facemasks available at the front desk for sick people. The issue with the Coronavirus vs the flu is that we don't know the coronavirus. There are a lot of variables unaccounted for. We also haven't been through a pandemic in this new age. If you are thinking about prepping, they are told to prep like you're about to go through a bad blizzard. You don't need to act like Alex Jones, but be prepared for a couple of days with
  3. I know that feel. Mine was born about a month before. Made that last bit of studying a little more tricky.
  4. CTS Customer Support Page is broken right now for me.
  5. I knew I should have taken it in Missouri.
  6. I had a board game book bag and a normal book bag filled with books. My wife said it was over the top. I did not want to get a question and know it was in a book and not have that book.
  7. All y'all gettin your results while I just get to stare at Justin being smug.
  8. Stoned cat chooses to press F5 even though it will only bring her pain
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