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  1. i'm finishing up season 1 of Umbrella Academy! can't wait to see what happens in season 2 currently watching adventure time and moesha w/ spouse 😃
  2. Thanks @leggo PE ! I'll be better at pinning down the right thread. And also thank you all for your responses. My uncertainty came from my company's lack of interest, which I feared was an industry sentiment. The SE isn't required in NY (yet), so it's been hard finding people who could speak on this. Your responses really help figure out how much of a bubble I have been in. Happy Labor Day Weekend 🤩
  3. Hi All! Has anyone with their Structural Engineer (SE) License seen a significant increase in pay or earning potential after being approved? If yes, can you tell me which state you're in? I am planning to take the exam next year, but I worry it's superfluous for work in NYC. My company doesn't give any special promotion to those w/ that license, just more work 😕 with no over time pay. Thanks!
  4. lots of caribbean and afrobeats 😃
  5. Hey Che'! I did the Other Discipline because I felt more confident cramming/learning general topics than some of the specific Civil questions. There were some theories in Civil that I often confused, so I didn't want that added pressure. I used the Michael Lindeburg's FE Review Manual for practice problems. I developed a good study plan after reading 30-Minute EIT by Joel Erway. Downside of doing the Other Discipline was that I think I studied more than my peers who did the Civil. Compare the sections/subjects of two disciplines, and see which one you think you'd be more comfo
  6. Injury T_T I got a herniated disc doing back squats. Turns out that front squats put less stress on it ^_^
  7. I'll achieve perfection when i can front squat 3 plates
  8. Test Results: ESFJ-A/ESFJ-TDegree field(s) : BS/MS Civil EngineeringPE exam(s): Civil - StructuralCurrent work type: Mid to highrise structural engineering
  9. Checking but not as anxiously as I did for my results lol
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