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  1. @ Mo84, Do you know from where to get them ?? Do you have School of PE Course ?
  2. I heard this as well, School of Pe is good for monring part and EEt good ofr after noon part. Do you know how to get those less price ??, Do someone know any one wanna sell them used but in good condition so i can use them ?
  3. DO you know guys how to buy School of PE or EEt less price ?
  4. Ar. Sa. Yeas alot of people recommend me this course, but its expensive some one, Btw I'm creating whatsapp group for PE exam in April do you wanna join? Also do you know some one we can buy school of PE less price
  5. I'm planning to go for Next April PE exam, Any suggestion for preparation course for Civil Structural Discipline. Thanks, Best Regards, Waleed A. Rashed
  6. I'm planning to go for PE exam, structural discipline next April, I'm searching for preparation course, do you know how to get it ??
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