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  1. Just an update, I still haven't received my wall certificate in the mail so I emailed to check. They are still processing those. I'm certain I'll be renewing my license (early March) before I ever get it in the mail at this point.
  2. Cool. I thought that might be the case, but did't realize until I got the license that there is a difference between the certificate and license.
  3. I got an email version on Tuesday, 2/6, in response I assume to my 1/18 request for license by email via the online portal. Still no physical version. For those that have received the physical copy, did it look weird? For instance, the other PEs in my office have one that generally looks like this: But the email version was a Mount Ranier/Puget Sound background of something like this: (Note: That license just came up when I google imaged it)
  4. Anyone else received their wall certificate? Still waiting over here.
  5. Got my stamp today in the mail. Now I have to resist stamping every piece of paper on my desk (and shredding the ones I fail on). Still no sign of the wall certificate, but at this point I expect it after I renew by July 1st honestly.
  6. I did the same thing just to see if it did anything and nada....Think I clicked it Saturday as soon as I logged on so don't hold your breath.
  7. I was looking at that by doing some random searches on new numbers. It seems like if your birthday is within 120 days (when the license renewal window opens) they gave it to you until 2021, otherwise you have to renew a brand new license in just a few months. I am interested in seeing what the response to your email is though. Would be good to hear from the DOL if my suspicion is correct or if it's another in a string of errors and delays.
  8. I finally got mine. I had searched late yesterday evening and had nothing, but then I woke up to a notification email with my number and now I show up in the search.
  9. Congrats! I'll just be over here twiddling my thumbs.... *Stares off into space*
  10. Just got an email back from DOL asking for an updated timeline (since the originally stated 3 weeks from December 12 has blown by) and they said to give them one more week. I'll believe it when I order my stamp.
  11. Pretty sure we deserve our PE's just for the amount of work we are putting in on trying to read the licensing tea leaves.
  12. As far as I can tell, if you use the search for all license types (not just engineers) they are usually sequential but occasionally skip a number or two. One I found has two different professional engineers just licensed under one number, so good luck to those two people. The highest number I found as of this posting is 20111197 which is chronologically out of order as it is listed as issued Jan 8th. 20111196 was issued yesterday, the 14th. 20111176 was the first license issued this week so at this rate they seem to be licensing less than ten per day.....
  13. I added up the 2020 issued licenses for the top ten counties in the state (by population). There are a total of 27 newly licensed engineers in those ten counties. So it seems like it may be a bit if they are licensing 700 people (per HelluvaPE's post on page 2) that passed.
  14. It looks like engineers are no longer separated out as I've found several Architects and an appraiser in the same range as the license number shown above. Well, guess that makes it harder to follow along via the license search.
  15. Huh. Looks like they've gone rogue with the numbering convention. Well, both glad they are licensing people finally and jealous that I don't have one. How did you find your number, was it through your account or a search of your name?
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