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  1. Wow thank you all sooo much for your wonderful thoughtful responses. Having the engineer boards community has helped me tremendously through this whole process. This afternoon my boss took me aside and told me that me failing the exam does not change the way they look at me whatsoever. He told me that I’m a great engineer, even better than some of the people in the office who passed the first try. And he said that if I never passed or decided to never take it again, it wouldn’t make a difference to them and they value me as an employee. We have enough PEs in the office that it does
  2. I do feel like you are my twin because I've thought all these exact same thoughts. And whiskey is also my drink of choice. I just don't think I'll be able to take failing again because then that would make me the first person in my office to fail twice. We have 14 PEs in my office, and only 3 of those failed, but passed the 2nd time. If I fail again, I think it'll take a WAY bigger hit on my confidence than it already has.
  3. Shoot I should have looked at this thread before I posted a new topic in the Everything PE exam. But are you and I twins???? I also got 24 AM/22 PM, so 46/80. Took it in Kansas. This was my first time taking it. I did all the NCEES practice tests, did some PPI practice tests but they seemed harder than the NCEES and I felt like I was wasting time on some things. If I had to guess I'd say I also spent around 100 hours studying. And I feel the EXACT same way about feeling like I could put another 100 hours in and still fail because of how the exam changes. I also d
  4. I failed the PE Civil Structural exam. This was my first time taking it, and I had a feeling I didn’t pass when I left. But it’s still incredibly disappointing. In college, I always thought I didn’t do well on tests after taking them, but when I got them back I almost always actually did really well. So I was hoping maybe somehow that’d happen for the PE exam. The past couple years I’ve felt like maybe I shouldn’t even be doing engineering, and then this just brought my confidence down even more. I like my job, but I’m just not passionate about it like some people in my office, so
  5. Kansas just posted on NCEES website. I failed. Civil Structural.
  6. Since the Kansas website says we may now view our scores on NCEES records, then that means that the KS boards have given them the ok to post right? So at this point we're just waiting on NCEES to post them? What is taking so long?!
  7. I really hope NCEES posts it really soon. But at the same time I'm really scared to find out. I'm so nervous.
  8. It says this on the Kansas website, but results are not on NCEES yet. Also, still says pending when I search my license.
  9. Anyone else’s cat not affected by catnip at all? I wish mine was!! But it does nothing to him.
  10. Will you at least tell us when you start seeing those subtle signs? How soon before release do you tend to see the signs? A day? A couple days? A week? You could message me and tell me the signs, I promise I wouldn't tell anyone
  11. Then we should have found out like last week if those are signs the release is near
  12. What are the subtle signs that may indicate a release is near???? Did you tell us before and I've just forgotten in my hysteria????
  13. I kind of thought this was for us to complain and be miserable waiting together. A place where we could vent, and not be told to shut up and that we're just entitled liberal millennials. Dude, I'm on super edge waiting for these results, but I don't stoop to insults and belittling.
  14. Me when a coworker asks if I've gotten the results yet. Also me when somebody on this thread keeps telling people to chill out and get a hobby. Or tells people to go back and read hundreds of replies. This. is. rough.
  15. You guys I just got home to find this brochure in the mail addressed to me. I never signed up for School of PE or anything. How did they get my info? Does this mean I failed?!?! Haha
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