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  1. This is fun! Just like waiting for the election results! 🇺🇸
  2. C’mon! Dec. 12! Gotta know if I pass/failed today! So I can save $500 on a PE prep course!
  3. Actually, that’s what I’m doing already... while waiting for the results. Mmmm... peanut butter. 😋
  4. Updated iPhone to the latest iOS. But then can’t sync it without the latest iTunes app. But can’t update iTunes without the latest MacOS. But can’t update MacOS won’t without the latest Mac hardware specs. But can’t upgrade the hardware because it’s not upgradable or longer supported by Apple. So, now my 2008 MacBook can’t sync with my iPhone! (MacBook still works as a computer. iPhone still works as a phone. But that’s not the problem.)
  5. Wondering what’s taking NCEES so long to get the results out... so I tried out Futile Exercise A (Trying to calculate the cut-score)... Yeah... it’s still calculating...
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