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  1. 1st Attempt Mechanical Thermal Fluids Systems 35/80 how do I find AM and PM scores. Thanks
  2. Where are we Posting Mechanical Cut Scores? Thermal Fluids Systems. 35/80 I don't know how to break up the morning and afternoon sections.
  3. Did you go to SIUC? I graduated in 2015
  4. Illinois Failed TFS I Dont have the NCEES break down yet
  5. ILLINOIS CST IS UP. I Failed.
  6. I got an email back from there too. Yes, you should be able to view them online at at the end of the business day.
  7. YOU ARE AWESOME. Was she a nice lady or was she pissed?
  8. I dont even have an option to log in to CTS
  9. yep, What the hell is Illinois paying them for? feel free to call and ask (708) 354-9911 800 359 1313
  10. how do you check the website?
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