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  1. I also didn't bring a watch to my exam and definitely had the "Oh no" moment. Luckily, I was able to reasonably work through the problems in good time and passed!
  2. Tennessee, Transportation, first time, baby born 2 weeks before test, PASSED!
  3. Getting dangerously closer to the 8 surrounding states having results, but no Tennessee. I'll trust you on your Georgia knowledge though.
  4. Failing gets you a 12 pack Congrats!!
  5. The mechanical guy sitting next to me gave me this horrifying look while I flipped books in the air left and right. He had the MERM and one other book.
  6. As I'm sure you're aware since you took it three times, there's a lot of reference material involved. Someone at my work did the same thing (transpo 1 time, WRE 1 time)
  7. Yeah, I looked back at the last four exams and Tennessee released on the 1st day 4/4. Georgia only did 1/4.
  8. Not sure if I failed or passed yet, but it felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders when I walked out of the exam. I'll be ready to rock in April again if necessary.
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