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  1. Let's find a time to do a meet-up...after the holidays. I'm not gonna have a chance this week and we drive down to Mississippi on Friday.
  2. Update: ended up being slightly different from the planned single-malt, cigar, and steak. Thursday night I opened a bottle of Japanese single-malt a friend gave me, but I didn't do a cigar or steak; needed to get to bed early. Friday night I went to the Casa de Montecristo downtown with some friends and had a couple cigars and some boulevardiers. Then afterwards we got tacos.
  3. You know what LSU and Ole Miss fans have in common?
  4. I have a license number! HopkinsReb, P.E., has entered the building!
  5. Dang! Go have a good Christmas and kill it next time around.
  6. Bottle of Japanese single-malt a friend gave me is just waiting to be opened.
  7. DC PAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS NCEES website, saw it at 11:25 AM.
  8. I really, really, really, really, really hate the guy with my name in DC who got his DC PE back in January of this year. I loathe him.
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