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  1. Now that I have my newly minted PE license, I am finally feeling marketable enough to make the leap out of highway construction. I work an obscene number of hours from April to November. Frankly, 16 hour days and 2 am bridge pours are getting harder and harder as I age. I came across one opportunity that really piqued my interest: a PM dealing with small to mid-size, often backcountry dams. The job would entail overseeing repairs, inspections and rarely new construction. I am trying to fill out the application and the experience specific questions it asks, but I am struggling to translate
  2. I’m so sorry you guys are stuck like this. This seems so unreasonable. Even for a government entity.
  3. For whatever it’s worth, it looks like you have a decent handle on the PM material. If you haven’t already, I’d try to get your hands on a couple versions of the official practice exam. I felt the AM questions were very close to the actual test. The PM, not so much. If you can bring your AM up around a 70%, I think you’ll definitely get it next time!
  4. As much as I wanted to take tomorrow off, I decided to buckle down and actually work for a day this week, as the Suck really put the hurt on my productivity. Modest celebration tonight as a result. Salt and vinegar hot wings (the best) and a cold glass of water. The beer will have to wait.
  5. Montana out at 2:54 ET. Passed!
  6. Nope. My gut is telling me tomorrow is the day. Please note: I have about a 5% accuracy rate at this point.
  7. Well the upside to not having results today is that I won a free lunch. Not that that will help ease the sting of my impending failure...
  8. I’m voting any day other than today. Not because I don’t want to know, but... I’ve resorted to making bets at work to pass the time and I’ve got lunch riding on it being any day, but today.
  9. On behalf of all 35 Montanans (and maybe the 15 Vermonters???) can we please have the results?
  10. Second this. Although, the suitcase of references in the truck has the added benefit of adding much needed winter traction.
  11. I feel like you have definitely injected too much reason into this conversation...
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