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  1. Congratulations on passing! . For the April 2020 exam I am focusing on my weak areas. But you are right. #1,6 and 8 can be improved easily
  2. Thank you for the link and info. Clears many myths
  3. Nobody knows the actual cutoff. I am guessing I might have missed the pass mark by 2-3 questions and cutoff might be around 49-50 for Water Resource Engineering
  4. Cutoff is different for each field. Cutoff for Construction might be different from WRE
  5. Thank you for the analysis. Yes you are right, I was ok during the afternoon sessions.I was surprised that I did not do well in geometrics problems. But I did struggle in morning topics like Project Planning and Site Development topics. In the afternoon, I struggled/wasted time on Groundwater and Wells and Closed conduit problems. I was pretty burned out in the last 1-2 hours and could not focus completely. I will focus on my weak areas more for the April 2020 exam.
  6. Here is my diagnostic. I would appreciate If someone can offer some insights on planning for April 2020
  7. Texas board releases score for all those who took the exam
  8. here is the diagnostic report
  9. We got this in April 2020!!!
  10. It sucks to miss out by 1 or 2 questions. Oh well, April 2020 for me
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