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  1. Definitely don't have time if you're starting up your own business.
  2. I've been needing one of those for a while. Nice to know I'll need hydraulic oil for it.
  3. It all depends. I work for a Fortune 200 utility, and for EE they don't give a shit about PE or Masters. They do care about skin color, though....
  4. Looks more like a Yakima than a Thule. Try grasping the front of the tower and pulling it forward. That's what mine do. About 30s in should look like this...
  5. The squat rack is out of storage and set up. My last full workout was awhile ago, so the squats on Sunday and deadlifts yesterday have me feeling pretty sore. Will be nice to get back into the groove to get a good workout without doms.
  6. Table 310.15(B)(7) was in the NEC until 2014 was released. The table was replaced with the 83% factor rule.
  7. Shot a 145lb 6-point this morning. Using my dad's old PSE that's older than I am (the broadheads, too)! Was one of 8 deer that I saw this morning.
  8. Said: "The unit had to be granted a zoning variance last week to be placed on property owned by AMR, which already has a duplex on it, so the house will be considered an accessory dwelling unit. Developers had to do it that way because most local municipalities have yet to adopt a building code that specifically allows for tiny homes." I can see there being a lot of push back from the downtown folk, because it's now the rich area.
  9. Ok so I just found a report that calculated $1,160 per month would be considered affordable for a household income of $46k, and for a single person $730 a month.
  10. I have no idea at the moment. Everything is so inflated. But the median household income is $46,000 if that tells you anything.
  11. Just fixed the horn button on my steering wheel and then installed one of those ahooga horns. I love it! (On the yj)
  12. It's still hard to believe this actually turned into a conversation.
  13. So to combat our "affordable housing crisis" down here, a developer is going to start building 336sqft homes in our downtown area. I don't know if this is good or bad yet, but I can only imagine what those houses will be like 20-30 years from now. I don't exactly see the point when we have new apartment buildings all over the place, why we're going to divide perfectly good lots just to put permanent tiny homes on them. Can this really help ease the high cost of living? Another thought: if you can't afford to live downtown, then don't.
  14. Maybe you weren't as hardcore as you think you were 😉 I don't think being religious immediate means Santa can't be real. I was stating being religious brings a whole different meaning to the holidays.
  15. I mean, I thought the whole thing was about the birth of Jesus? I could be wrong, but my upbringing tells me otherwise. I get it. Exact same thing for me growing up. I didn't know people thought the Easter Bunny was real? Like, again I think that holiday revolves around the resurrection. Us Christians took that pagan shit over.
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