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  1. I just remembered summer sausage would be something good to bring for lunch, too. I just cleared a spot in the garage to setup the squat rack. So assuming everything goes ok with the storm I'll run up to the storage unit and pickup my equipment to start working out again.
  2. He'll probably need to go with something like that. I'm starting to remember what happened; we lifted his jeep, then a few months later the CV joint failed. After some research this apparently a very common problem with lifting jks because of the angle created at the joint. The boot around the joint failed, then the cv joint started to get water and dirt in it until it failed. They make aftermarket driveshafts with high angle cv joints, but idk if that would be better than the shift you have with u joints on both sides. ---- Just finished the exhaust phase on the yj. It was a much m
  3. I fell victim to one of these memes the other day. While standing in line to vote, all of a sudden I felt the urge to cough. Normally I would've, but there were too many people in line with me so I just did my best to hold it in. The mask was covering my funny faces at least.
  4. It's funny how moving to a different state and city, covid just kind of feels non-existent. After having been here for 3 weeks, it's like nothing ever happened.
  5. My parents ordered a new router off amazon the other day. I went to set it up this morning, but I ran into a few issues. Right off the bat, when I opened the box I noticed there wasn't a pamphlet to walk through the setup and there was no user manual. I remember there being one in the router I set up at their office a few weeks ago (same make and model). I didn't need the guide anyways since I had just set one up, so I plugged the router in and opened the Linksys configuration app. The app normally works perfectly for me, but for some reason it wasn't finding the router. I was really hoping to
  6. Nope. But we should probably move to a different thread if we're going to pick this up lol
  7. Not his stuttering, just his inability to form a sentence because he can't think clearly! We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women are created, by the, you know, you know the thing.
  8. A a a a a a and w w w w w whats that sup p p p p posed to m e e e e ean. Republican congress.
  9. I do. Seems to prevent foaming over while boiling.
  10. Took me about 20 minutes to get new registration and a real id license a few weeks ago when we moved to Florida.
  11. Which drive shaft did you go with? He still hasn't bought one yet.
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