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  1. @RBHeadge PE When has the NCEES Pass Rates page typically been updated after results release? https://ncees.org/engineering/pe/pass-rates/
  2. It looks like exam results have been released. I'm very curious on how the results are looking!
  3. Ugh I hate that. Like when it's really sticky and when it won't drop? I think this perfectly summarizing my anticipation for the results.
  4. I think it's Day 46 now? Let's do a Phase roll-call? I have been in Phase 3 (Worry) for a couple of days now. I am confident I passed, primarily because I have a terrible memory and have already forgotten all the mistakes I've made
  5. I feel like the wait for the folks whose test is transitioning to CBT is so much worse because if you fail, not only do you have to retake, you have to retake in a whole different format! It's torture!
  6. Do you think that the control nerds will be in a better mood after Thanksgiving and that it will therefore lead to them releasing more favorable cut-scores? Maybe this is a good thing!
  7. The afternoon session was definitely harder for me. I felt that the morning session was basic fluids mostly. I've heard rumors that this exam was closer to what's going to be on the computer based exams moving forward.
  8. Found the pdf using the wayback machine. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19N_XU-SgYzAJtyMHHA96YPUmI1R9qwy5/view?usp=sharing STEAM_TA.PDF
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