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  1. Hi @Slay the P.E. Thank you for the preview, the few chapters are already an excellent study material and actually looking to purchase the full version. To be honest, I actually bought your solution already in the past but feel the need to study again the concepts. I unfortunately just got laid off and wonder if you could provide a discount code for COVID-19 affected engineers. I would like to take advantage of the time now to study for the PE exam, please send me a private message in case. Appreciate your help in advance in this difficult times. Stay well.
  2. @Slay the P.E. I would have been trapped on this and picked 94F, the next temperature in the choices that is slightly lower lower than 100F, simply because the proportionate pressure drops slightly as well.
  3. Recommend an effective FULL Mechanical PE Review Course for Thermal and Fluids please
  4. Recommend an effective FULL Mechanical PE Review Course for Thermal and Fluids please
  5. MecEng

    Cut Scores

    My bad, typo 😅 I meant "25/40"
  6. MecEng

    Cut Scores

    Failed third attempt(1st 42/80, 2nd 44/80, now 45/80) Mechanical Thermal and Fluids AM 20/40 PM 25/40
  7. Same here, Dr. Tom's Classroom, Slay the PE, Engineering Pro Guides, NCEES 2001, 2011 and 2016. Still was shocked with AM questions of October 2019.
  8. What is opinion about the difficulty of morning problems of Thermal and Fluids exam compared to the afternoon?
  9. Right. Unfortunately, Dr. Tom for thermal and fluids didn't work for me. Just my personal opinion, I find it having too much of material but mostly off to the actual exam. I appreciate your comprehensive feedback though. Thanks 🏆
  10. I agree. The truth is, I still am not well prepared to date. Hence, the subject is for help on what should the focus of study be. Thanks 🏆
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