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  1. Nope, nothing yet and am waiting anxiously...does anyone want to drop a call to their respective evaluator and ask? I chased mine down last week and don't want to push her too hard if possible...
  2. I spoke with my evaluator on Tuesday (2/25) and she said they are scheduled to be posted this Friday (today). From what I've read though on previous threads, it can take an extra day or two for it to show up on their website, so if not today then Monday or Tuesday at the latest.
  3. Just the workbook, but you'll want the IBC and ASCE 7 books as well to study with and earmark for the exam. Hiner does a great job of citing the code sections in his book, but you'll need those other two for definitions and such.
  4. Passed surveying, it's over...thank God, what a long process, but very much worth it. If I had to give recommendations for both sub-tests: Seismic - Hiner is the absolute best, hands down Surveying - CPESR book and online lectures Good luck to all!!!
  5. This process rates right up there with Spaceballs the movie..."when will now be then?!...soon!" lol
  6. Just spoke with my evaluator to ask if there was any other paperwork needed on my end and then asked about the surveying results. She said they are working on them now and results are forthcoming...I'm guessing today or Tuesday if it spills over.
  7. I just tried calling their office twice (916) 263 2222 and it rang forever with no answer after pressing 0 for the operator. I can only hope it's "all hands on deck" over there to get the results out.
  8. Nothing but crickets today...perhaps tomorrow then.
  9. PEMaster, I had a college course years ago, which I had mostly forgot. I found the CPESR was very useful in gearing me up for the exam. The quizes after each section (of which there are eight) build on the previous lessons so they are always testing your knowledge of the previous material plus the new covered stuff, which I thought was extremely helpful. After the quizes there are (4) exams that are exactly like the actual exam, one is hard, two are medium and the last is hard. These were pivotal in my opinion as they over-prepare you and give you the confidence you need. There are m
  10. I took the Civil PE Surveying Review Course (CPESR) by Kirk Torrosian and it was great. It had about 7 problems that showed up on the test almost verbatim. Of the 55 questions I only guessed on about 6 which left me roughly 10 more to get wrong before I'd run into trouble, assuming 70% passing rate. Perhaps I should wait til the results come out first though before offering praise, since you just never know...
  11. If what Stardust is saying is correct, then it's either Thursday or of luck to all!
  12. Does anyone know when the January 2020 exam results will be posted? I usually hear it's the first week of the following month from when you take it but not sure...
  13. Thanks for the input Bag...and congrats on crossing the finish line!
  14. Did you do the class/webinar too or only use the book?
  15. I used the PPI surveying book, which one did you use? Is there a Hiner book for surveying? His book had me well prepared for seismic, but I felt shaky coming out of the surveying exam using the PPI book.
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