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  1. I have not yet! its been two weeks since I got my surveying result!
  2. Thank you, that makes sense! I am looking forward to hearing back from the board! 🤞
  3. Got it, so there is not much for us to do anymore than just waiting for the package, sweet! I know one of my coworkers ordered his stamp online from a random website and got it in mail within few days. Thank you for your help
  4. Hi, I just realized that I passed my last CA exam (surveying) and I was wondering what is next? How do we get the certificate or the stamp? Any feedback is appreciated.
  5. Thanks, I think I did pretty well on that yesterday, fingers crossed.
  6. I will be checking this page every 5 minutes LOL
  7. Seems like if we don't hear by noon, it will most likely happen early next week.
  8. I think you ll do fine, I have mixed feelings about my seismic. I felt really good after the exam, but its been a while since then and I am starting to lose hope, lol. Yeah , my Surveying is on Sunday! I guess, I am just tried of studying after studying for almost a year (since the 8 hours! I just want it to be over also! have you taken surveying yet?
  9. waiting for seismic or surveying or both?
  10. thank you for the great tips! I will definitely keep these in mind. Can't wait to be done!
  11. Unreal how tedious this whole PE process is in CA. Its been almost a year since the 8 hours. I am taking surveying next week, any tips?
  12. I really hope so! I don't want to take that test ever again! I feel like results should come out sometimes next week.
  13. I am so nervous! I finished all questions (Seismic) with few minutes left to check my answers! left the exam with 15 flagged questions that I didn't have time to review!
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