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  1. Got mine too! Came super quick and I just used their standard shipping. I bought the pocket stamp and the wood stamp. Planning on keeping the pocket stamp in my work bag for stamping structural observation reports. Wood stamp will stay at my desk and look pretty.
  2. @CAPLS, do you know if they are still trying to proceed with processing the licenses? Or should we check back after the next licensing run on the 11th? I appreciate you keeping us updated. I think it was generally understood that the 28th was the earliest our licenses would be processed but not a guaranteed date.
  3. Passed seismic as well! It was my last test and I am so happy to be done. It has been a long process. Very grateful for this forum for keeping me sane and being a source of helpful info since the very beginning of this process.
  4. We are all impatiently waiting for our results... Have a little faith in the board that you are asking to grant you your PE license. We are in a pandemic. The board notified us that there was a delay, which was more than they had to do. I was extremely appreciative that they notified us. Also, you really think the board employees have the time or interest to make fake accounts pretending to be eager EITs waiting for their test results??
  5. I don't claim to know what the board's process is for reviewing, but I assume that it is more complicated than what you might be assuming. They cannot computerize reviewing written responses to the survey prompt at end asking about potential errors in the test questions (can they?). They likely review all the high fail questions and determine if a competent engineer should have answered it correctly. I want my results too, but it has only been 1.5 weeks. These tests are practically the last steps towards getting your Professional Engineering license - the board isn't going to rush it for our
  6. The February results came about an hour apart. Seismic was first.
  7. Hoping they release tomorrow. I assume that a lot of people probably took their tests in July due to all the previously cancelled appointments in earlier months. I hope this does not delay the results coming out, but it might.
  8. Hello! I am currently working as an engineer in the water/wastewater field. My company uses drafters for almost all of our drawings so I am way out of practice with my own drafting skills. Aside from making my own process flow diagrams in Microstation and occasionally making small changes with AutoCAD, I am rarely using any drafting programs. I am concerned that if I ever switch companies I might have a hard time getting a job without drafting skills. Are there any courses/videos/tutorials that people in the Civil industry would recommend I complete? At this time I think Civil 3D would be
  9. I called the Board and likely spoke with the same woman mentioned above. I also suggested that the board clarify the intent of the notice sent out. She told me that the website clearly says all test dates before July 1 were cancelled. The notice sent out does not once mention the word "cancel" so I politely disagree the website clearly says so. She said Prometric would notify me the day before my test was scheduled to let me know that it was cancelled. I understand that things are rapidly changing and that we are all operating under unique circumstances, but I think that makes it even more im
  10. For those who were scheduled to take it this quarter but can no longer do so due to the closures, do we need to fill out a postponement form? Or will we be automatically approved to take it during Quarter 2? Alternatively, should I just wait until we are provided instructions by email? Thank you for the heads up.
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