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  1. I'm very good at "looking at what they are asking" before "looking at what's given" but wow thank you for taking the time to write this. That is a skill I never realized is to after "looking at what is asked" go to the answers to see if any don't make sense, before even solving, JUST IN CASE 3 don't make sense.
  2. Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong, so when doing voltage drop and using Z eff you always take the current magnitude, not the complex current?
  3. They are so proud of their scale that they "don't want you to figure out". I've seen it be such a joke you can't take it seriously at all. On the FE electrical math is the largest question. Say it's 15 questions. I've seen someone get 13 or 14 out of 15 and the "NCEES 15 point scale" Puts them "barely above average". Solving differential equations and all kind of crap and the new "scale" is to get 14 or 15 out of 15.
  4. Thank you, for my calculations I use the J instead of converting to the 90 degrees. Thank you!
  5. Where is the voltage of 90 degrees we are subtracting from? I'm remembering why the other 2 times I studied my ass off and exam got canceled I got frustrated at the white book. I have worked 50 of these problems and never seen a random 90 degree subtraction coming in. Just like the voltage drop problems, zero issues till you look at the NCEES way and whatever way they want you to do things. I worked this problem like solution, except my current angle I had as lagging 18.19, not 90-18.19.
  6. Why do I take the peak voltage before doing my calculation instead of just using my RMS? Is this some battery thing I don't know about where the 60V on the other side is considered a "peak" voltage?
  7. So when you walked out of the testing center, did you have 2 hours or 1 hour left on the clock? Yeah I told the wifey I think everyone will have tons of time left. When I took the FE multiple times, it was 110 questions and only (I think) 5 hours and 20 minutes, not 8 hours. The PE problems in the white book are just as fast to solve as the FE book so that means you're really getting 2.5 hours more than they give you for the FE. Paper and Pencil is another story, we had 40 books to flip thru on qualitative problems, but with this being CBT you either know an insane question or you don't.
  8. I agree angle in Z eff is taken care of, in your math there you have I * Z = 5.2. You're not using the angle of your current. Am I not supposed to be using the angle of my current provided by the power factor? My calculation is 400 at the angle of -36.9.
  9. Thank you, yes I understand the transformer connection of the delta-why I guess I just wasn't expecting them to call each side the "single phase transformers" and it retain the entire line voltage of the 3 phase system. Just something I forgot could happen I guess. That or my mind was just fried from hammering out problems.
  10. Your VD is I * Zeff, why didn't you use the angel with I instead of just its magnitude?
  11. I didn't get 471, I'll post my work tomorrow and we can compare to what I'm doing wrong getting a different answer.
  12. What is "alternate method"? Is that you calculating Z effective, then multiply that by current? Or is that you NOT finding Z effective and just using resistance/reactance?
  13. Yeah I seen single phase transformers, so I took the root3 of both.
  14. I have a lot of experience with the FE, and a lot of it was more of "trying to figure out the cute ncees way" of solving things instead of actually solving it like an engineer. I'm hoping I'm wrong on this. Otherwise, I know I'm going to be super pissed as soon as I see a voltage drop question and try to mind read how they want it.
  15. I'm sure it's because I'm tired, but I can't follow the solution of "because the connection, the high side is the phase voltage"......
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