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  1. Morning felt really solid, but I'm somewhere around 50/50 on the afternoon. I know I made mistakes, but I also know I did a lot well. Anyway, at this point, I've sort of come to terms that it was likely not good enough to pass and hoping I did do enough for vertical so that I only need to redo the lateral.
  2. organix


    A lot of people probably know already if you took vertical exam this morning, but the Illinois lateral exam will still go on as scheduled.
  3. organix


    Just got the email... they're looking for volunteers to take a refund.
  4. So what I am assuming happened is they deleted the column information because it was incorrect to use to calculate Pp. My version of the problem shows a W14x53 with an effective length of 12' instead of the concrete information you have. The solution was incorrectly using the column compressive strength for Pp so they must have "corrected" it by replacing it with the concrete compressive strength. They made two mistakes when they did that. You still need the column size for the problem so they shouldn't have deleted that. It sounds like they also didn't update the solution
  5. The written answer is wrong thought, right? It says 6.5", but that seemingly comes out of nowhere. I think the right answer is C?
  6. Full disclosure, I didn't do this practice exam... Also, it sounds like our versions of the practice exam are the same, but I actually think I have a previous version (2014 printing). So maybe you have a newer one. With that said: 1. My problem statement does have the column size actually. Verify you did not miss it. It is in the design data next to the effective column length. I am not sure where Pn/omega comes from in the solution. It appears they incorrectly used a W12 instead of the W14 (well, I'm sure they did in my solution). But this shouldn't be based on the nominal co
  7. Definitely good read. I will have to revisit post-SE... bigger fish to fry. However, I did go about 15% through and it definitely made me feel a little less adequate.
  8. We've been remote since COVID hit... there's no such thing as normal or after hours in the office anymore for me. With that said, maybe not AASHTO thick, but I do "spread the wealth" on occasion and divide large prints among several printers on the floor to avoid getting dirty looks for holding up a single printer. I generally did my damage before hours since I tend to be an early person. But if not, lunch time was always a decent time to strike.
  9. I also took a look in the manual and didn't see it... curious as well.
  10. I've been wondering the same and interested in seeing others' ideas. My initial plan was sort of along tj_PE's. I'm generally up early so if I can snack on something early to get that mostly handled before the exam, I can probably be fine to make it. I'll also probably keep liquid intake fairly low.
  11. I wouldn't know for sure, but I would expect the afternoon exam to be more involved than the Connor book as those are AM problems. Being a building engineer, I'd want no part of trying to solve afternoon bridge problems simply due the lack of familiarity. The exam is hard enough. With that said, is it still possible to withdraw? I'm not suggesting you should, but I would think there's a deadline for that and it might've passed.
  12. If you can afford to take time off, why not? Most people cannot and people do pass, so it's not necessary to do it if that's what your concern is. Personally, I wish I could take off for a while to just do this and be very ready.
  13. I'll take my first shot at the SE in October so I can't answer your question from personal experience. With that said, I'm in Chicago and all doors open if you have your SE.
  14. Haha, two things... A 7 am meeting is not acceptable. I can understand someone mistakenly doing this on the east coast and impacting someone west, but you can't do this within your same time zone. I see some complaints about early meetings in general (before ~9am). I have DAILY project management meetings at 8 am... I guess I'm used to it by now, but it's always seemed excessive.
  15. organix


    I think this has been adjusted now due to COVID, right? If I remember correctly, the exam schedule is now on Thursday and Friday and they've split the PE takers between these days too. So the good thing is the total amount of people on any given day is less, but the second day won't be as empty as it would have been also.
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