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  1. Unfortunately not as I planned. I took EET last October and Im taking the free repeat now. Im trying to focus on problems instead of watching all the videos again. The plan for March is to do as much as practice exams as possible. I reviews both binders to refresh the concept but I hope to kill the practice this month as I know that is my weakness, practice practice and more practice. How about you, are you where you wanted to be at this point?
  2. Im thinking about taking the month access, Does this option come with the breath exam and a depth also? I just need to practice more problems and wondering if this would do it.
  3. THANK you so much! I will look into those practice books, and that course. I believe I have enough material to practice I just have to spend more time doing problems than theory/videos.
  4. This will be my 3rd time so Im looking for ideas too. EET material was great but I didnt do good on their simulation exams. This time Im going to try your approach, so my question is, did you do this with all exercises or only problems? I will probably skip the videos of the areas I did good and just do problems on them so reviewing the material and doing exercises and problems, your approach is my hope and hopefully will be my last time!
  5. Did you feel the material from EET helped you during your last exam? Im a second timer too and hoping this material helps. Good luck this time
  6. I felt the same way! Morning was ok but Afternoon not so good, Planning to review some videos and work more problems. Dont want to get discouraged but I thought I was more prepared for the afternoon. I was expecting the results to be individual now I have to wait until I get home to review my answers and my grade!
  7. vcuevas

    ACI SP-4

    Im looking into buying this code. Please let me know if anybody has it available. Im in St Cloud Florida. TIA
  8. Hi, Which discipline are you taking in the afternoon. I would like a partner to keep me motivated. I hear good things about having one but Im in Florida so we can try to keep eachother accountable by chatting if you want to.
  9. I dont know about Ga but it sounds like Florida. I failed 3 times in NY as well before moving to Florida and the Board stated that they do not count failures in other states, so I started fresh here. Also about the 12 credits, Florida requires 12 credits from an university or a review class from some of the entities that they approve ( in my case I believe SoPe and Testmasters are some of their choices) It was hard to get in contact with the Board but once I got a hold of somebody they did pretty good explaining it to me. You should try to get the number of the person receiving the application
  10. Thank you so much for this! I have failed several times and I think I never I have enough time to review all the material, I started earlier this time hoping to get more time to review everything and do more problems. I have been thinking about taking a class ( I took the SOPE I didnt feel it helped a lot) and a Lot of people are recommending EET, so I will probably do that one too. Congrats on passing the exam!!!!
  11. Thanks all for your input. Definitely taking EET for the depth class , I really need to get this exam out of the way.
  12. Thank you so much for your input! Really appreciated and Congratulations!!!!!!!!!
  13. Anyone taking Construction in October 2019? I failed a couple of times and planning to take it again this October and Im looking for a study partner, right now taking SoPE on demand but I took it before (Im taking the free repeat) and I didn't feel it helped that much. I keep seeing people recommending EET so maybe a will try that one for my depth portion, any advice will be appreciated.
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