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  1. Enjoy Life a little bit haha you’ve earned it. You’ve accomplished something great so let yourself breathe a bit!! Then maybe pick up a hobby?
  2. Well at least we can both agree ncees’s diagnostic sheet should guide them towards areas they are weak in
  3. Good info... if the cut score is say 52, if someone got a 50/80 then they know they are on the right path and just need to make minor adjustments. As oppose to some getting 38/80 who has to make major adjustments. So yes, people do find this helpful, hence this form was created...
  4. So you can’t explain yourself... at least I was able to provide something that got me to my conclusion. like I said before, I’m here because I genuinely want to help. I was in the same boat with everyone after the exam and this site helped me with my nerves during the waiting process. So the least I can do is give good and educated information based on information that’s provided by other people on here. You can help by not providing bad ones. Not trying to hurt your feelings, just trying to make sure people on here gets good info
  5. Yes, I believe it is.
  6. Because it’s based on the score people from Texas got. The cut scores are determined nationally so it’s the same in all states. So based on that Texas score, you can interpolate and get the ball park cut score. And determining cut score helps the people who failed see how close or far they are from passing. So since you seem so passionate about this, what makes you think 54-57 cut is more realistic based on that Texas score on here? (49/80 with a 68% I believe)
  7. Please don’t pass around misguided information. If he got a 68% with 49/80 questions right, then the cut score for construction is either 50 or 51 out of 80. People are on here to try to find help so let’s help them by giving good information
  8. Passed 1st time. Civil Transportation. Took SOPE for review. They were good for the AM but not so much for the PM portions. In the AM portion, I felt very confident on 27 of them and the ramaining 10 were educated guesses (mostly concert questions) and 3 were a stab. in the PM portion. Felt confident on 22 of them, had educated guesses on about 13 of them, and had to stab on 5. With all this being said, I thought for sure I failed after leaving the exam and I ended up passing. Another guy on a different post thought for sure he passed and he failed. If you failed, keep you
  9. I took SOPE too and felt the same. Good for the AM and crap for the PM. I hear a lot of people like EET for the PM portion. Maybe give that a try?
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