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  1. I'm so confused, I must have missed a page with my last post? Mea culpa. @JayKay PE I probably screwed everything up again.
  2. Ooh, this is a really cool breakdown, thanks for sharing @Road Guy. For those trying to find it on the site: 1. Go to link above. 2. Click the gray "Outbreaks" box. 3. Click "Setting Type" for the breakdown shown above. Looks like stay out of prison, avoid inpatient health care, and no "Camp/Educ/Childcare", which I'd assume is mostly Schools driven? Would be interested to see further breakdown on that category. @csbI will also be avoiding all "Bunco Nights" in the near future. For reasons not related to COVID.
  3. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    Test soon? Poor unfortunate souls. Happy Monday y'all-uns.
  4. Gotta go for green. Almost all my driving (if I drive) is city driving. Would you rather have AutoCAD crash once a day (with working backups) for the entire year, or crash ONLY ONCE in the year, but all the backups and drawings of the file you were in are corrupted and deleted when it happens.
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