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  1. @Mike876, You have all the background you need, but lack hands-on experience in the area you sought. The area you mentioned comes in work experience because those are not commonly taught in school. For those who learned in school they learned from doing projects, but still within academic realm. You have to work as embedded s/w or f/w engineer where you get to explore your options in this field such as doing board bring up, ASIC bring up and verification, writing device drivers etc.. Perhaps you can seek work in this area, get paid and learn about it at the same time ! If you career is not in
  2. R. Steele, Perhaps you will have a better luck finding the information you need in Mech Handbook related to thermal topics. The electronic components housed in the control panel have maximum junction thermal temperature any where from 85c to 110c. Once they reach this temperature they tend to behave badly or be in the thermal shutdown state. 40 degree Celsius would be around midpoint of ambient temperature with convection cooling which is achievable in the enclosure. It also makes mech engr happy.
  3. Ris, I submitted mine with part B for references where they hand-filled and sealed in the envelopes. Their contact addresses/phones would be of their own choices (I never get to see it anyway). The sealed envelopes would be mailed along with the application. My references are the same as those listed in the NCEES record (for consistency) and they should be listed as 'verify' by NCEES. The CA board has access to it. If you attended graduate school, the transcript from graduate school is adequate (my case), undergraduate transcript is unnecessary; however, for NCEES, you need to submit both
  4. Proof: 1) S=P+jQ = VI* if P=V*I then, 2) S=V*I + jQ = VI* 3) V*I + jQ = P+jQ 4) From like term in 3), P=V*I. Verify, let V=v*exp(a), I = i*exp(b) S=VI* = vi*exp(a-b) = P+jQ S*=V*I = vi*exp[-(a-b)] = P-jQ S+S* = 2P = 2vicos(a-b) P=vi*cos(a-b) = vi * R{exp(a-b)] = Re[vexp(a)* iexp(-b)] note that P is real so that P=P* P = Re{ vexp(-a)* iexp(b)] = V*I
  5. Hi Evan, Like any cloud services, Azure let you create your VM machine like your own local host PC. First you could start out experimenting by interface to your local host server then deploy your solution to your cloud server. If your solution works in your local host setting, it will work on cloud setting. It looks like the sensor is IoT supporting MQTT (Mosquitto) publish/subscribe protocol (ISO standard). If your host (local or VM cloud) is Linux then there are a lot of free s/w tools available with little programming effort to get you going. Take a look at python s/w tool set in this
  6. I am in the same situation, finding five references 'who can reflect your character and diversity of your experience' and have to be P.E is the hardest part. My NCEES record is blank in this area, but I submitted application to state board anyway knowing I may never be licensed. At least I know that I tried my best with state application for anything I can provide. My references to state board are the former supervisors and co-workers, none of whom is licensed. I am waiting to hear from the state board.
  7. Hi fyrfytr310, I took mine in Pomona fairplex. Any one who will go there for the exam should pack food and water or you will be starved like I did. It is a fair, but not during those hours.
  8. PE: Electronic many many years out of school and luckily passed as 1st time taker, same for FE. Better very late than never and I figured that they won't have many years to collect my license fee either. The duration between my FE and PE was almost six months. After receiving the EIT certificate that took nearly two months to receive then I signed up for PE. Total of four months on preparation: - NCEES PE practice exam - Do the test run on it first then verified the answers. Reviewed the materials that I failed. Spent hour or so each evening, few hours on weekend at my own pace. Two we
  9. Hi All ! After lurking for the past ten months, I decided to signup as a new member of this board especially after learning that I passed the NCEES PE (electronic, control, communication) a short while ago. I took FE last Oct 2018 and got my EIT certificate in Dec 2018. After that I geared up preparing for FE for this past April 2019. Fearful that I would fail so I have to study harder since I have been out of school for much too long. It is too embarrassing to say how long. If I have to take the test again, I would definitely fail since I forgot all of it the very next day after the exam
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