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  1. Yeah, actually I was following you to see your result and believing that if she/he pass, probably I will too because of your reaction after the exam. (The exam was something different, lol)
  2. Passed ME TFS, (first time taker) Houston, TX
  3. I just tried to register for a PE Mechanical Thermal exam (which I have taken already on October 2019) and yes, I was (almost) able to register. (I have not completed the check out, but I could) Hmmm...
  4. Possible translation: I would like to be in this field (Engineering?) and I would like to chat with people here to find out what should I do before graduation to be successful in this field. My guess
  5. 👍100% Right I solved 2001, 2011 and 2016. October 2019 was surprising for me 🤐
  6. There are some questions in the exam just to take your time and stress you out. Those questions designed to test your ability to pass, don't be stress, using your time efficiently, etc. So, IF they ask something out of the reference manual (probably a few) you need to identify it, pass it, If you have extra time at the end of the exam you may use your engineering judgment to solve/guess it to some extent. So, yes I still believe that they can (and probably will) ask some questions off-scope of the provided reference manual. I may be wrong but this is how I interpret these type of exams, n
  7. Now I am wondering which of the A.M. portion was the one that the test takers would expect? Thermal-Fluids was not, now we saw that the MDM also was off a little bit. Strange.
  8. True. However they may ask questions outside the reference manual. It clearly stated on the front page of the manual that It may not be sufficient to solve all the questions. So basically they still CAN/MAY ask anything they want and no one can argue with it. Sorry...
  9. I would sign underneath. I did the same things for October 2019 exam. The whole class (Dr. Tom's Thermal-Fluids) and its materials were good for the P.M. portion mostly. But this was not because of the his course coverage, it was because NCEES asked so many questions in the A.M. portion that I was not expecting in October 2019 exam. I believe I was not well-prepared with only Dr. Tom's class. I should have allocate more time for "Other" topics as well. I assumed the majority of the exam (like more than 80%) would be Thermal-Fluids related question (to my knowledge) BUT It was NOT (Say, i
  10. I think this thread needs further explanation. For example, AM portion was harder for somebody who did really well on the PM portion (30+ correct) is NOT the same with AM portion was easier for somebody who did 25+ on the AM and 17+ on the PM. Make sense? My assumptions for my exam: 25+ AM and 35+ PM (So, AM was VERY hard/different/unexpected for me, because I was hoping 35+ AM and 25+ PM)
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