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  1. Thanks @christiantypet and @Ryan3. All the Best @PlanCheckEng, let us know how it goes.
  2. Hi, Has anyone taken the surveying exam in August? How did it go? Any recommendations? Thanks
  3. I was supposed to take the exam in April and it got postponed. Now the board authorizes to take test from July - Dec. Since I was not able to take the test in first quarter, can I take it again this year if I dont pass in first attempt?
  4. @IAMNOTAPEYET Can we take the exam only once this year? I am taking surveying exam next week. If I am not able to pass in that exam, can I retake it after 2-3 months? Is there a notice on the board's website or email where it says exam can be taken only once this year?
  5. Thanks for your response and All the Best for your result. Is there a way to print practice exam questions and solutions from CPESR course? Were the exam questions harder than CPESR practise exam questions?
  6. Hi, How is the CPESR course for surveying exam? Is the course sufficient? I dont have time for other practice exams as my exam is in a week.
  7. Any ideas on what the passing score will be ?
  8. Can you please share the website for registering at EET ? What is the duration of the course ?
  9. California PE Civil Structural Fail AM-31 PM-18 Total-49 i took the school of PE on demand course. It really helped for morning session. I felt the afternoon exam questions were very tough and school of PE did not help much. Can anyone suggest a good review course and practice problems book for the structural depth? I took the exam last oct also but felt the questions in April for structural depth were way more tough ?
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