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  1. It is never easy to start the process. Once the ball is rolling, you'll be fine. Are you involved in a lot of environmental engineering? Why not take the Environmental Engineering PE exam? The EE PE exam is computer based though.
  2. Banned for using expensive words.
  3. I am thinking this is a double-edge sword effect. On one edge, you can say that you have more preparation time. The reality is the exam will eventually be given either in the fall, upcoming Spring 2021 or some time in the far future. Either those timelines or your exam will have already progressed to the computer based examination. On the other edge, it brings down your morale to know that you have studied real hard for April 2020 and now it's Fall 2020 and the material you studied might have escaped you. Hang in there for the ones that are awaiting their State's decision.
  4. NCEES mentioned that it will be a two day exam event. This might help in separating the crowds. Thursday, October 22, 2020 Civil: Geotechnical Civil: Transportation Civil: Water Resources and Environmental SE Vertical Forces Bridges SE Vertical Forces Buildings Friday, October 23, 2020 Agricultural and Biological Engineering Architectural Engineering Civil: Construction Civil: Structural Control Systems Electrical and Computer: Computer Engineering Electrical and Computer: Electronics, Controls, and Communications Electrical and Computer: Power Metal
  5. Banned because I am your clone.
  6. Does anybody know if the MUTCD book comes in color softcover type. I can't seem to find it in color or do I have to print it in color myself.
  7. Banned because this avatar matches my name better and I didn't realized it until now.
  8. Banned for not understanding ChebyshevII PE and I are one and the same.
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