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  1. Sent consumer affairs in NJ an email and they said results will be out tomorrow.
  2. I like your dad already. Sounds like a fun guy haha
  3. I took structural. Also in Ewing! But yeah last time I knew I failed the second I walked out. This time (also don't want to Jynx myself) I walked out feeling pretty confident.
  4. Same here. I sent in all my letters of reccommendation, my passport photo, legit everything on that list and not even half are checked.
  5. Fair enough. What exam did you take and how do you think you did?
  6. Still nothing on my end but I think that was like day 2 or 3 that people started seeing the checklist change last time. It's best to just wait for the email or you're going to drive yourself crazy. I'm waiting on my results for the 2nd time and last time I kept telling myself it would happen earlier than previous tests but it was still day 5 haha. NJ is the worst. Good luck!
  7. Check out this link it should answer your question.
  8. Civil Structural: AM:26/PM:20 (failed)
  9. NJ is out. Failed civil structural 26 morning 20 afternoon ugh...
  10. That's what I keep telling myself. We'll just have to wait and see.
  11. Still says pending under license and unchecked next to passed pe exam. Hopefully I passed but I'm feeling less confident now.
  12. Where are people looking too see for NJ? I see there's partial results on the map on CTS. Can someone link the website?
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