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  1. I've never had abs. But I thought core definitely was really just about having super low body fat. I know a couple people who swear that lots of running is the best way to get defined abs.
  2. I've done it both ways. Depends on how lazy I am at the moment. I usually intentionally make my rice a little dryer than normal and if I'm doing that the rinsing really doesn't matter. ... ... back when I ate rice.
  3. @baublitz That seems like a good plan. I don't have any specific sources to tell you to study. @naonao seemed to have some good suggestions. Also stay on EB and see what other people are doing. So much has changed. The switch to CBT doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me. But the switch to not bringing you own reference is a HUGE change. More recent CBT test takers would have more relevant advice. One thing I'll add. You said... I took the exam with 14 years of experience having done multiple jobs at 3 different companies. I don't think I could have passed without all that ex
  4. Hi @baublitz and welcome to EB. I'm a Mech:MDM PE; I took and passed the exam in Oct 2018 which was still on paper at the time. I also used Dr. Tom's Classroom as my only source of preparation. Here are my thoughts. First let me cut right to the chase. Your diagnostic doesn't look great. I'm sorry for being so blunt, but I say it genuinely to be helpful. The dashed centerline represents how the average engineer who passed did on that section. Your performance on the exam was about average in "Principles: Engineering Science and Mechanics" and "Applications: Joints and Fasteners", but belo
  5. True for New Orleans, LA. Half of an inch of snow shuts down the entire city: schools, business, gov agencies, etc. I know that sounds soft to people from up north, but you have to realize: The city does not have road salt. They will put down sand, but they don't have much of that either. No one here has winter tires or tire chains or ice scrapers for windshields. They don't even sell them down here. No one here knows how to drive in the snow. Many homes and business have exposed, uninsulated water pipes entering the building. So if we have freezing temps, building
  6. I have complete confidence in @vhab49_PE
  7. Is this SPAM thread going to die when the Oct 2020 results spam thread starts? (I kinda hope so LOL)
  8. I basically taught myself DUs. Just kept trying until I was able to do them. But the big "ah ha" moment for me was when I realized that I had to adjust my timing. With single unders the rope would pass under my feet when I was at the peak of my jump. When I would try to do DUs (before I learned how) the rope still pass under my feet at the peak of my jump and then I wouldn't be able to get it around again before I landed. I realized that the rope should pass under my feet earlier, while I'm still on the way up, then I could get it around again and pass under while on the way down.
  9. I thought it was wrist flexibility at first and was working on that. But then the trainer assessed me and he thinks it's lat flexibility preventing me from getting my elbows up. So my wrists end up bending further and hurting.
  10. yeah. I don't have the flexibility to keep good front rack form. (I'm working on it.) After a few minutes it gets painful, so I often switch to this... (image swiped from google search below) Gotta put your thumbs under the bar to keep it from rolling forward. From what I understand, it's an acceptable variation. But using this position is often seen as "giving up" at getting a proper front rack. The trainer usually shakes his head at me, but he also knows that I'm working on it.
  11. Pretty sure it's this one. How'd you do?
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