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  1. Which one basically the first one? 2011 ASHRAE Handbook-Refrigeration?
  2. Sorry, I never use ASHRAE books before. Did you mean this? 2011 ASHRAE Handbook-Refrigeration 2010 ASHRAE Handbook-Fundamentals 2009 ASHRAE Handbook-HVAC Systems & Equipment 2008 ASHRAE Handbook-HVAC Applications
  3. Thank you but can you please explain this a little bit "Just make sure you get a string of them, all 4 years in a row, so the newest book would have a proper index that refers to the previous years."
  4. Hi, I will take the october HVAC PE EXAM. Can anyone please tell me which year ASHRAE book should I purchase? Recent yearbooks are so expensive. Can I purchase old books for preparation? Thank you
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