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  1. Out of curiosity, have you heard anything yet?
  2. I agree, I'm also in the bridge field so these are the requirements for part b of that regulation. The only problem I foresee is my experience could be considered structural. AND on the application when asked what field I plan to practice in the state of GA I put Civil: Structural. Oh well, I suppose we'll find out in the next day or two.
  3. I've read in other forums that GA may require an SE to obtain your license if you're focusing in structures. I'm hoping this isnt true.
  4. I am in the same situation. My information was approved September 6th. I called the office of the Secretary of State and they assured me my application would be reviewed at the Board Meeting today. From my understanding, after reviewing the meeting minutes from the last board meeting (May 14, 2019), a list of all applications are presented to the board and they approve all of them at once. So, HOPEFULLY, we will hear something within the next day or two.
  5. I think you'll be surprised on how well you know the material once you start the exam. You've just got to get that first question out of the way. You seem to have the depth construction topics under control, how well are you doing on the breadth practice exams? I'll say its a huge relief during the lunch break knowing you only need around a 50% in the afternoon to pass the exam.
  6. Just finished up Yellowstone on Paramount... my god what a show. (10/10)
  7. There was a clock on the wall. I don't recall how many, but I know there was at least one near where I set. However, the room was very large, so if there is only one clock and you sit in the opposite corner it may be difficult to see. I would also recommend wearing a watch if possible. (They don't allow smart watches)
  8. I cant speak for the Transportation depth, as I took the structural. BUT, EET's Breadth review was spot on. I came out of the morning session feeling 100% confident about 37 out of the 40 questions, 2 I felt 50/50 on, and the last one was a complete guess. It was a huge relief walking into the afternoon knowing I only needed to get 50% of the afternoon questions correct to score above a 70% for the whole exam.
  9. Im currently waiting on my Georgia PE. I obtained my initial licensure through NC after passing the PE Civil/Structural. All checkboxes have been completed under the GA Board application except for "Board Approval." You had issues obtaining your GA PE?
  10. I took the PE this past April. The North Carolina PE testing location was at the McKimmon Conference and Training Center on NC States Campus. I'd imagine that this is the site every year.
  11. I submitted to NCBELS his last week. They have received my NCEES record and I assume everything is under review. Anyone else can confirm a 2 week waiting time? It says 15 days, it is assume it would be longer due to the increase in applications.
  12. unfortunately not, but hey! at least you are in your mothers eyes 😉
  13. This is very true. As someone who worked in Atlanta, GA, most of the GA Tech grads I worked with believe they're gods gift to this planet... Don't get me wrong, GA Tech is a great school, but the narcissistic attitude that comes along with MOST of their grads is not appealing.
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