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  1. I know a lot of people who studied really hard and passed. I know a few people who are just really fantastically intelligent and didn't study really hard and passed. I know several people who studied their asses off and didn't quite pass. I can't think of a single person I know that passed that felt like they shouldn't have and thinks that they got lucky. If we think the cutoff score is 50 and you guess on all 80 problems, there is approximately 1 in 10^10 odds you will pass. Now let's say you can get 35 out of 50 questions that you "try" on correct and blindly guess on the other 30. Y
  2. What a fine coincidence that the person in your make-believe story that took your course passed and the other person in your make-believe story that didn't take your class failed the exam. Almost like someone trying to sell the class wrote it.
  3. Do you know anyone that has actually kept track of the time that it posted in the license lookup? My "every other Friday" bit of information comes from this list of licenses and the "issued" data next to each being every other Friday. I don't know if that means they are verifiable as of that day.
  4. Checking the license lookup every 10 minutes is really killing my productivity today
  5. They do, I could get my “own” stamp separately I guess, certainly if I ever move jobs. But they pay for stamps, they paid for the application, they pay for the license renewal.
  6. Our office has them standardized. Double boarder "Registered Professional Engineer" nothing fancy. We already have a couple civil, a civil/structural, several mechanicals. We do multidisciplinary industrial engineering projects and outsourced electrical/controls until hopefully tomorrow.
  7. Just got my technical approval e-mail. Hopes very high for day after tomorrow.
  8. Literally sitting on a proposal that I can't send out until I have a license number. This is killing me.
  9. My application was referred to technical review yesterday. Fingers crossed that it gets through the process by next Friday.
  10. My parents, Hitler, and Anne Frank agree that the oxford comma is necessary in at least one situation. I believe it should be used in every situation that arises for sake of consistency.
  11. My wife and I have gotten into heated discussions about whether "next" in reference to a day of the week means "the one that is happening in the following calendar week", or "the first one that hasn't started yet", or "the one following the first one that hasn't started yet"
  12. Next friday isn't on the list, it's every other friday (if the past several years of license dates are anything to go by) March 15/29 were the last two on the published list which puts June 7th and 21st as well as July 5th and 19th as update days. The "published list" gets updated quarterly (I think) but the license lookup gets updated in real time. edit: I realized after I posted, "next" friday might be 6/21, and "this" friday might be 6/14, in which case "next" friday is on the list....
  13. In CA, if you have 6 years of qualifying experience either in responsible charge or in the responsible charge of another PE (or in an industry/government exempt from licensure) then you can be a high-school drop out for all the board cares. An ABET degree counts as 4 years of qualifying experience, but is not at all necessary. You will need to document the 6 years of qualifying experience with at least 4 letters of recommendation from electrical PEs other than yourself, ideally one or more of which you directly reported to. As for other tests, you will need to pass the CA laws/ethics take
  14. CA doesn’t care at all about CA PE vs. any other state. CA does care a lot about civil vs not civil. I’d recommend 2 Civil PEs you were going to do anyway and find two other civils.
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