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  1. You will soon reaching the stage where every email notification on your phone leads to a mini panic attack!
  2. I remember following up to the release of results in April 2019. Every Email notification on my phone would give me a mini attack! To all waiting: All the very best!
  3. Eat well! Get some good rest before the test. That's the key for the last week!
  4. Has anyone got their Bachelors foreign degree evaluated by NCEES. If so have they come back with any additional requirements?
  5. YAAAAAAAAAAASSS!!!!!!!! Got my promotion!
  6. Do check out the Engineering pro guides exam practice problems. That could help too..
  7. Yes... passed the PE as well if that helps me get a promotion here..
  8. I cant find it It must be somewhere here..
  9. How do i get an Engineering Boards promotion from an Intern
  10. I sometimes still get nightmares about the exam! 😓
  11. Been there done that 😛
  12. Anyone taking the October 2019 exam, this would be a handy reference book that you could use, in addition to other resources.
  13. I would recommend going through all once. But spend more time focusing on your strengths and make sure you get them all right.
  14. @Mechanical Ryan Please have a look at the Engineering Pro Guides Practice Exam & Formula Cheat sheet. That will certainly help. Also try solving practice problems over time. I am sure you will ace it this time round! Also print the NCEES PE reference manual that has been released online.
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