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  1. Is anyone else applying right now? I'm wondering what impact COVID has. Mine has been in admin for 3 weeks and nothing else has been shown as received.
  2. Thx man. I guess the page will change it's time? Bc I don't see anywhere to log in.
  3. Where do you see the scores if you pass???? Aren't we supposed to be able to in Texas?
  4. What's the latest results come out?
  5. That little shit that was trolling us is pissing me off more and more.
  6. Is it just me or are all of these low-populated states?
  7. Okay, cool. I guess it's their lunch. But what I don't get is the trickle. It's computerized.
  8. There haven't been any new states in awhile. Does my lunch theory hold water? Where is NCEES HQ? East Coast?
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