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  1. @santy and @martiansoldier Congrats to both of you to pass the PE exam. Both of you sounds like worked very hard and prepared for the exam really well and it finally paid off. Well done!!! I guess, couple of quick questions, 1. In case if you completely fill out the booklet in the first session, can you get another one and keep the previous one without returning before the second session? 2. Secondly, how searchable the provided reference manual on the exam. I am used to pdf searching features and get to where I need to be, however I am not sure how easy to use the reference man
  2. I have no doubt in my mind that you can actually see how many questions you have in the morning session and in the afternoon session. You can also skip questions and come back to answer them in a later time. I also think once you complete the morning session, you would be prompted to take a scheduled break and need to get back to the afternoon session after you are done with the break.
  3. Thanks for your input JG3. Your detailed feedback on the CBT experience seems to be fairly accurate and valuable for the test takers. Like other test takers in HVAC & R and Thermal Fluid Systems (TFS), your feedback does match fairly well and help the test takers to prepare better for the CBT environment. Thanks again and good luck with your test results!!!
  4. @MAHMOOD ASLAM QUMMAR Congrats!!! Mahmood on passing the HVAC & R exam. Any additional feedback on preparation for the exam would be helpful. I would like to know which study material you used to practice for the exam. Which areas you focused the most and which practice tests you completed as a part of the exam preparation?
  5. @Mecha CONRATULATIONS!!! I am glad you passed the exam. How many questions in the exam were there which does not require any calculations at all? Just curious.
  6. Good luck to you as well. Please, do share your experience and the discipline you are taking the exam in?
  7. I don't know at this time. My application is in process and expecting to hear from Board this week.
  8. This link might be helpful: https://ncees.org/wp-content/uploads/HVAC-Apr-2020_CBT.pdf
  9. Oh great!!! Thanks for sharing. I would rather have a pencil with eraser but this would work as well. Thanks again!!!
  10. If anyone who took the CBT exam already can answer these questions that would help. 1. What has been provided to the test taker to solve the problems? Is it in the form of blank sheet of paper and pencil or erasable white board with marker? 2. Problems require to use Psychrometric charts, P-H diagrams etc how easy is to trace them to find what you need. The quality in NCEES reference manual is very bad and it is difficult to find an exact answer using these charts. 3. What version of the manual they have been offering during the exam? Is it exactly version 1.1 or there are some
  11. Congrats!!! I am glad you passed the exam and good to know the overall difficulty level was medium and I believe solving PPI problems will help to tackle medium problems better. One question if you can answer that would be a great help. Was the morning session very different than the afternoon session? If yes, what was the difference just to get an idea. Thanks again for posting your thoughts!!!
  12. Has anyone taken the CBT based PE - Mechanical exam yet? I do not know anyone in my company I work for currently taking the PE exam because it is not required to have a PE license, however I know there are just a few who acquired a PE license long back and they have no clue about the CBT exam. So, I personally have no guidance. I am really relying on this engineer board to help update the members as soon as anyone take the exam and share their experience. Feedback on the overall experience would be very helpful especially who took the Paper based last time in Oct 2019 and retaking CBT now
  13. Thank you very much for sharing these details. This does help me a lot. I think it would be great if you have a practice problem book for HVAC & R folks that way a person like me have more choices to choose from. Thanks again!!!
  14. Thanks for your feedback on this. Looking at the HVAC & R break down on NCEES website, there are approximately 50% questions related to HVAC & R (Application) and the rest are supporting theoretical / Principles based questions. For example: Heat transfer, fluid mechanics and Thermodynamics etc.
  15. Hi all, I am looking for the best practice problem book with "EXAM LIKE QUESTIONS" for HVAC & R - PE exam. What I am looking for feel for the exam like questions difficulty level and not trying to get into lengthy solutions and details which would not be tested in the exam. I would rather spend time to get a feel for the questions which would reflect the exam like questions as well as the difficulty level that way I can prepare better to handle such questions in the exam. I know there are several options based on my research, including slay the PE, 6 minute solutions, PPI practice problems
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