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  1. I get why, but at the same time it's not like everyone is huddled around each other. Sucks to cancel it a month before the exam. Courses have been taken, hours spent studying and career advancements on hold. I feel bad you you folks who have spent hours and days studying.
  2. Had a hard time falling asleep that night, even taking zzzquil. Woke up, was hard to eat, didn't feel hungry. Once I got to the testing center, talking to some pre test helped calm my nerves. When I got to my desk, I just wanted the test to start. Waiting in the chair sucked. Then I opened the exam and realized the AM questions to start weren't really stuff I reviewed. But just took a deep breath and the AM felt easier as time went on by. Usually during the exam the anxiety drops, it's the lead up to it that tough for me. The PM section I got burnt out on towards the end and anx
  3. Hmm, tough one. If your boss doesn't want to offer you more time off I'm not sure what you could do without making your professional relationship worse. Was there more down time a few years back when your coworker took it? Is your company desperate for you to get your P.E. or is it something that would be nice, but not needed from their side?
  4. I felt some AM questions were close via difficulty with what I saw on the April 19 exam. Some in the PE Prepared tests are a bit too easy but I guess were good for confidence while studying. Civil Engineering PE Practice Exams: 2 Full Breadth Exams Problems had a few problems very close to the NCEES Practice exam but different variable to find which actually came handy for a problem on the exam. I went through the exam on my 2nd/3rd look through with these books to give me a spark on some questions and think they gave me enough hints to get the right answer.
  5. Looking back on the test and your practices tests, did any Practice test seemed completely off base from what you saw? I picked up the 6 minute solution book while trying to grab a lot of content as possible for the WRE test. 5 problems in I felt the problems took 6 minutes to copy/wonder how they even got those steps. Stopped using it but brought it to the test for the hell of it. Saved me a lot of time not bothering to practice off that book. The exam looked easier than the problems from 6MS. And then reviews on it on Amazon and other places too showed others thought it was
  6. It's a grueling exam, no doubt. I was talking to a guy prior to taking the April test and it was his third try for the WRE. Said that what he struggled on the first test he did better on but did worse in a few areas the 2nd go around. Said the content wasn't radically different but enough to question what are your true strengths and weaknesses on a test per test basis. Otherwords, definitely study the parts you did "poor" on but make sure you keep up your studying to keep your strengths, strengths. Last thing you want to happen is get thrown off on some open channel questions, caus
  7. IMO you did alright in the afternoon. Obviously some areas to work on but 22 out of 40 doesn't seem that bad on the first try. I know I was fried halfway into the PM for WRE. Sort of wished the hour break was optional as it messed with my flow lol. Think the big thing to work on is the AM topics. That project planning and Site development topics can be broad in their questions they can ask, so it can be tricky finding enough content IMO. Relax this month, enjoy the Holidays and get back at it in January.
  8. Always get a kick out of the people who put PE after their name on Linkedin, once they pass. Mostly FL people, who have to wait a few weeks for their license #.
  9. Take it easy this month. Don't dwell on it. Holidays are approaching. Spend time with friends, family etc... When 2020 rolls around, have a good discussion with yourself on multiple topics. Still love structural? Want to try another field of Civil? If you stay with structural, then go over your diagnostic and see what areas you did bad in. Do you recall those sections and why you struggled there. Theoretical questions, technical sections?
  10. They came out on May 15th for the April tests. The first day for releases for the A19 test was the 13th, so a day or two after states started releasing scores. I assume today or Monday
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