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  1. Ok, need an opinion... We have a wooden deck in our backyard. It was built over some of the window wells in our basement, so those rooms have a view of the underside and it’s always dark. I’m considering removing it and replacing with a concrete patio instead; it would be a heck of a lot less maintenance, would allow light into the basement, and could look just as nice. Should I do it or no?
  2. You posted it in an engineer's forum. What'd you think was gonna happen?
  3. I would venture to guess that there are lots that like their own candidate. I, for one, am not one of those people.
  4. Can confirm, being an Eastern WA native. Although my current area is a lot more lenient since it doesn't snow quite as much here.
  5. Lost almost 75 lbs. Got a raise at some point in there... Got much needed yardwork done.
  6. I haven’t showered in three days.
  7. Ahem. game this week?
  8. That would be interesting. It would definitely add a different dynamic.
  9. Time. Town lynched @MadamPirate PE. She was the remaining mafia. Town wins! Cop was @txjennah PE Doc was @RBHeadge PE
  10. Current vote: 3x @jean15paul_PE 2x @MadamPirate PE 1x @NikR_PE
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