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  1. Still waiting on Illinois to release the results. It is SO VERY HARD to see everyone getting their results and still be waiting. I am hoping for today!
  2. Never mind the pencils....you would think that for the money I spent on this test...they could have at least provided a clock in the testing room.
  3. Has anyone noticed that chat feature is disabled on the NCEES website? Am I being to hopeful that they are up to something....or is it just a coincidence?
  4. It sure would be nice to know the results of the last test before the newest study courses are set to begin. I haven't even began to think about starting to prepare for the April exam.
  5. For some reason...most people are under the impression that results for the SE exam are only released on Fridays. I am not sure what this is based on...or if a midweek release is possible.
  6. Is it time to give up for this week....and hope for next Friday?
  7. Imagine if the NCEES was being billed for all the hours of lost productivity during the final days of waiting for exam results.
  8. Has anyone used the NCEES online chat to ask if they are being released today? I am tempted....but also very wary when I think of how much the NCEES chat personnel must have suffered from the people waiting for PE results.
  9. I have my fingers crossed for a release today! Pass or fail...I am ready to know. Sadly....I took it in Illinois...and they appear to be a bit on the slow side in regards to releasing their scores vs. other states. Still....fingers crossed.
  10. Has anyone communicated with the Illinois board? It appears as if people have called the boards of several other states to get release info.
  11. iwri

    SE Exam Results?

    Thank you! Best of luck!
  12. iwri

    SE Exam Results?

    Out of curiosity...does anyone have any idea on how long it takes for SE results to be released after the PE results have been released? The SE forum is a ghost town...so I thought I would ask here....and maybe get some attention from you all.
  13. Does anyone have any predictions on when to expect results from the October SE exam? It is so quiet in this forum...while the October PE forum is just going bat$#it crazy.
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