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  1. Thank you, got'em in mail I checked again this morning. DONE DEAL!!!
  2. I just checked my mail box haven't got mine, just curious they UPS/FedEx or regular USPS mail?
  3. Remember in the congratulations letter the Board said formal certificated will be mailed out within four to six weeks, so I will wait until 10/20 at the latest.
  4. Question has anyone received your wall certificate? I have not.
  5. Ordered Wednesday and received it today(Friday), btw the jpeg/CAD electronic stamp I received right away after payment made. Thanks for the promo code @jwang, it works!! Now just waiting on the wall certificate in mail.
  6. I will order but will NOT offer to stamp lol
  7. YES got mine... greetings from Grand Teton NP!!
  8. Not mine... it appears that 91603 is still the last number though!
  9. While we are still waiting for our number, has anyone already put P.E. next to your name in the email signature?
  10. Not mine, they released our results 1 week late so maybe delay the number for 1 week also.
  11. I can pop a wine and celebrate today and over the weekend if number comes.
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