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  1. It may have actually helped me... It really through me into a mood of not caring about what might happen next. I'm horrible at tests. I will misspell my own name if I'm not careful - all because of nerves related to the phrase "exam". 😐
  2. Anyone else have an odd test morning? I scoped out the test venue the day before, and planned for the next morning. I arrived on test day without issue, and was 4th in line. Then it began... A proctor opens the door and asked, "Does everyone have their COVID Questionnaire with you and completed?" PANIC. Evidently it was sent via email by NCEES. Still not sure why I didn't get the message. It never hit my junk folder, so maybe I missed something. Ultimately, copies were distributed because I wasn't the only one. While the proctors were checking calculators, it was discovered tha
  3. West Monroe/Monroe... We do a lot of municipal, but I personally do a lot of private development. I've done a lot of subdivisions. I enjoy working directly with most developers. You?
  4. You're most likely right... However, the 2nd would put the release at 42 days (for Thursday test, which is the group I'm in).
  5. Louisiana: December 2nd, if not... December 9th
  6. First time tester... Civil: Water Resources and Environmental AM 21/40 PM 17/40
  7. Congratulations to everyone who passed, and better outcome next time for others... God bless!
  8. LOUISIANA - CST: Coworker who passed couple of years ago, received email from NCEES around 6PM.
  9. Just found this thread, joined, and panicked when I received the ENGINEER BOARDS email confirmation message, then again after I got the registration complete email. It was the "!". That's worse than all the fake release posts I've seen. Maybe this was a bad idea! I'm already logging in to NCEES every 5 mins... started that October 29th. Now this!
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