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  1. First world problems. Still waiting to see my name or see a green or red box on NCEES.
  2. Did you email them and ask about your results? I haven't heard of anyone getting their results in that method.
  3. Anyone else left that took it on October but hasn't seen there name? Besides me?
  5. Anyone want a particular number? 045333 would be a cool one.
  6. What does everyone imagine the process is? A individual with a spread sheet and a highlighter pecking away? The whole office standing there with all the passing names on a dart board. Throw a dart add a random name. Any other ideas? Memes?
  7. The last 2 sessions: OCTOBER 2018 Partial release began on SOS Dec 5th for 25 names. Then stopped for maintenance for 4 days. That was miserable. Email received 12/11/18 2:37PM MAY 2019 Partial release began on SOS May 14th - unknown time but by the comments, looks to be later in the day. Email revived 5/15/19 1:20 PM
  8. A lot of effort was put into figure the order out in past sessions. No luck in figuring it out. @RBHeadge PE is probably most accurate that they are added by seat number of the test which I believe is determined by a lot of factors (time of registration/separating exam takers by type of exam/other unknown variables) Good luck figuring it out. I will assume we all get the NCEES email before the mystry is solved.
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