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  1. Thank you guys all for warm and kind suggestions. Really appreciate!
  2. Hello Folks, This October will be my first time PE exam for MDM, and now I am studying the Lindeburg MERM. Since I selected MDM, I am wondering if I need to study all chapters in MERM? Can I completely skip topic2 (Fluids), topic3 (Thermodynamics), topics 4( Power Cycle), topic 5( Heat Transfer) and topic 6(HVAC)? I just have no idea how specific the AM exam will be. I assume it will be a general mechanical knowledge test, but will AM test need knowledge of fluids and thermal? Many thanks if you can help me out.
  3. Thank you LyceeFruit for the info. I go back to check PCS website, which states "All supporting documentation must also be received by PCS by June 1st for the October examination" . So June 1st is the date that PCS stops receiving the application, not the deadline of exam registration. Now I am clear!
  4. Hi Folks, If anyone here has ever applied the PE exam with Massachusetts board, I am wondering how long did you wait to get an approval from the board? I am talking about the waiting time after PCS sends your application documents to the board. I am planning to take PE exam in this October, and I assume the registration deadline is June 1st, 2019. PCS sent my application to MA board on March 8th, 2019, and told me ''Massachusetts Board meets once a month (last Thursday of the month) and you will usually be notified of the eligibility review outcome by the end of the next week follow
  5. Hello folks, I am planning to take PE exam next year under Massachusetts board in US, and I am working with a Professional Engineer who is willing to be one of my three references. However, he is holding a PE license under Ontario board in Canada. My question is, can a Canadian PE be a valid reference for US PE exam registration? Thanks.
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