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  1. Received my license today from the board. Almost 8 weeks for me.
  2. Good to know. Tomorrow will mark 6 weeks for me and the email said 6-8 weeks so guess I just need to be patient.
  3. 1/6 is the same day I received my email from LAPELS saying they received my application. Your process went very quick. Less then 3 weeks. Hoping I get my license this week which is week 6 for me.
  4. Last Friday was week 5 for me since I received the email from LAPELS telling me that they received my application. I have not received any other emails since then. Hopefully getting close.
  5. Received email from LAPELS 1/6/2020, indicating my application was received. This is one week after I actually submitted it.
  6. NCEES sent me an email on 1/2/2020 saying they had sent my record to the Louisiana board. I submitted my application to LAPELS on 12/30/2019. I will keep y’all up to date on how long it takes me to get my license and if I encounter any issues from the board.
  7. NCEES did not kick back any of my work history. It took them about 6 buisness days to approve.
  8. So I submitted my application to LAPELS yesterday. Took me 18 days to get it together which is pretty good considering we are in the middle of the holidays. I didn’t think it would go that quickly. Now the waiting period begins. I was shocked though. I didn’t realize NCEES charged $100 to submit the NCEES record to LAPELS. And LAPELS charges you another $50 for the application fee. $150 is steep just for submitting an application considering the license fee itself is only $120 every two years.
  9. I made a 47/80 and a 49/80 my first two times. So in my opinion I was very close. You don’t see too many people if any say they made in the 50’s and fail the power exam. But it was obvious that I was missing something and couldn’t figure out what it was, so I decided to take a course. The only thing I did differently was take @Zach Stone, P.E.‘s class. I went through all the online material and attended all the live classes. In every class I would pick up on little things I was doing wrong. To me it was getting the fundamentals down, for example circuit analysis. This is something I
  10. Gotcha. Yeah luckily I have always worked under a PE so hopefully I don’t run into any issues.
  11. Actually I have been out of school for 12 years. I thought it would be difficult but so far it’s been going very fast. I have worked for 5 companies. Ncees has already approved my work experience. I have 4 of my 5 supervisors signed off already and 4 of my 5 references. So I should be good to go by the second week of January. I wrote a lot for my experience write ups. I hope it’s enough for the board. But we shall see.
  12. In the process of getting my ncees record completed now. It’s difficult with it being in the middle of the holidays and having to get work verifications completed as well as references. I have already completed the online application to LAPELS just waiting to hit the send button after my NCEES record is complete. I hope I can have the application submitted to LAPELS by the second week of January and start the 8-10 week waiting period. But this is the easy part. Only reason why I am somewhat in a hurry is because I have money tied to me getting my license.
  13. Yeah, it’s crazy. The overall pass rate was 40%. It was my third time taking it and I passed. Crazy to think I was in that 26% number. Always was curious on why this particular exam was statistically one of if not the hardest.
  14. I took the handbook with NEC tabs. I also added some personal tabs as I would study and come across topics I was not familiar with. I would definitely take the handbook though. There are some great examples in the handbook that you won’t get in the code book. Good luck!
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