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  1. I have a customer in CA that wants us to come and document his existing electrical system. He also wants us to stamp the resulting SLD’s. We have expressed our concerns about stamping other’s designs but he is adamant. I have some people telling me to just add a caveat statement on our drawing indicating that my stamp is only certifying the existing conditions at the time of data collection and not affirming any technical correctness of the system. I am hesitant to do this. Does anyone know if a written caveat like that would hold any water? I plan to call the board in the A
  2. A couple things: 1. We sometimes have to seal studies as well as a customer requirement. Odd but ok. 2. You will never have perfect control over your stamp once it leaves the door. Your are relying on the ethical compass of others. For that reason, keep a solid record of what you sealed and when so if it ever comes to it, at least you will have evidence to the contrary of anything nefarious.
  3. I just realized that 1 year has gone by since the April 2019 results came out. 2 things: 1. I still can't believe I passed on the first try and; 2. I still have nightmares about the exam haha Sorry to all those who were looking for the same thing for April 2020. Hopefully the October administration goes more smoothly for you all!
  4. Woah! I feel terrible for all of you who studied this long :(
  5. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was quietly watching from the wings for your results. I am very happy for you!!!
  6. I remember the feeling at this moment in May. Stay calm and F5 like a mfer...
  7. Sure did! I'm very much a beginner but I'm having a lot of fun along the way.
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